Manilva-Estepona Age Concern releases heat warning


AS SUMMER arrives, Age Concern Manilva-Estepona wishes to put out a reminder of the effects of the heat and how to combat them.
People living on the Costa del Sol like the sun and think they can acclimatise to it, but everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of the ferocious heat and the debilitating effects it can have.
Elderly people tend to feel the heat more and can suffer severe dehydration if precautions (which apply to people of all ages) are not taken.
It’s important to get used to heat and humidity slowly, the charity stressed, particularly before physical exertion. Sitting or walking in direct sunlight should be avoided, keeping to the shade, covering up well and using high factor sun cream.
Plenty of non-alcoholic liquids should be drunk during the day, and salt intake should also be supplemented.
Light, airy, loose-fitting clothing should be also be favoured, Age Concern recommended.
The charity asks that people keep an eye on elderly people in their area to make sure they enjoy the summer without suffering.
Although the charity’s shop on Calle Zaragoza, Estepona, will be closing in August to give the volunteers a well-deserved rest, the Lifeline will still be running on 650 163 928. Please note that Age Concern is not an emergency service.


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