Smoking mayor strikes again


A NEW mayor has been left fuming over the latest alleged antics of the former mayor of Benaojan, who hit the news last year after reporting himself for smoking inside the town hall.
Soraya Garcia, who became mayor of the village on Saturday (June 13), has reported that upon arriving at her new office she was horrified to find an ashtray full of cigarette butts waiting for her on the desk.
Coincidentally, Garcia was the councillor who used her mobile phone to film Francisco Gomez, the former mayor, smoking at a council meeting. Gomez later reported himself to halt complaints, and was landed with a €600 fine.
The new mayor said she wasn’t sure whether the ashtray had been left as a final message from Gomez or whether it was simply the result of a meeting held by the former mayor and a group of councillors before handing over the office, but stressed that she was thinking of reporting him for allowing people to smoke in the building.
Meanwhile Gomez refused to comment, saying that he was now going to concentrate on his business, a bakery, and his tasks within the opposition.


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