Malaga launches pioneer hate crime victim support service


THE College of Lawyers of Malaga has launched a pioneer advice service for victims of hate crimes.
A recent report from the Spanish Home Office revealed that 1,285 attacks due to the victims’ sexual preferences, nationality, race, religion or disability were reported nationally, 20 of them in Malaga, and that this was believed to be just 10 per cent of the attacks that actually happen as the majority of victims were too scared to report them.
Service coordinator Rosario Alises explained that victims tend not to bother reporting hate crimes, which under the new Penal Code that comes into effect on July 1 can be punished with up to four years behind bars, as they either think nothing will be done or they are too scared to come forward and risk their situations becoming public knowledge.
Although for the time being the service, provided free of charge by the college, will be based on two specialist lawyers giving advice and answering questions via email on, those in need will be offered legal aid wherever possible, Alises explained.


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