Spanish consumers keener on beer than bananas


SPANISH people aren’t bonkers for bananas, reveals the country’s Statistics Institute in a comprehensive survey of the nation’s consumer habits published this week. The survey looks at all kinds of goods and services used, with one of the findings being that the average Spaniard gets through 9.8 bananas per year.

Brits, on the other hand, munch 10 times that figure, each person in the UK consuming close to 100 bananas a year, according to fair trade group Banana Link.

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The Spanish survey has also identified a healthy drop in the number of cigarettes smoked in Spain in last year – 29.8 per person, three fewer than the previous year. But drinking is on the up, particularly beer and spirits, with the average of 21.3 litres of beer downed in 2014, almost a litre more than in 2013.

Spaniards are also increasingly keen on entertainment, with spending on trips to the cinema, theatre and concerts rising to €27.75 per person in 2014, 9.5 per cent higher than the previous year.


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