Mosquitoes continue reign of terror in Almeria through political upheaval

MOSQUITOES: No action has been taken against the biters amongst all the political change

POLITICAL changes have left mosquitoes free to continue terrorising residential areas of La Vega, El Puche and El Alquian.
Although Almeria’s former Health councillor reported on May 21 that a complaint had been lodged in court blaming the Junta de Andalucia regional government for the plagues, the Partido Popular council decided to wait until the new councils were formed to continue with the case.
Yet the case has been left hanging and will not continue until the new socialist council that has taken possession of the City Hall decides what to do.
It remains to be seen what stand the new team will take, especially as the Junta has countered blaming the City Hall for obstructing connection of the lower Andaratx to the water treatment plant.


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