Marbella youth council holds summer session


MARBELLA’S Municipal Infant and Teenagers’ Council met last week at the town hall to present proposals they have been preparing during the school year.
Mayor Jose Bernal and other members of the council attended the meeting, during which the young ‘councillors’ made three proposals.
The first was for better sports facilities, more maintenance work on those in place, cheaper prices and new facilities for areas that lack them.
Next on the list came better enforcement of pet ownership regulations, awareness campaigns on the importance of cleaning up after pets and more work against cruelty.
The final proposal was for the council to carry out campaigns to encourage Marbella restaurants to include menus for people with food allergies or coeliac disease.
The Municipal Infant and Teenagers’ Council consists of a group of students from 34 local schools who meet twice a year (in June and November) at the town hall.


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