Dress up or eat out for less in Spain

Flickr by rafa_luque

BUYING a t-shirt or a pair of trousers is 15 per cent cheaper in Spain than the average registered for the EU countries.

Having a meal in a Spanish restaurant is also cheaper than the rest of the EU, costing just 88 per cent of the average European dinner out, according to Eurostat, the European Statistics Office, using data from 2014.

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Alcohol and tobacco were rated at 86 per cent level, with the only more expensive than average exception being transport equipment, at 101 per cent.

The report also names Poland as the cheapest country to buy food items, while Bulgaria has the cheapest restaurants and hotels. Clothing is cheapest in Hungary, while the Czech Republic is the least expensive for cars.

The statistics confirmed that Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the UK and Ireland are the most expensive countries to live in, while Bulgaria, Romania and Poland are the cheapest.


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