Noisy Oliva suffers from nearby N-332


AN acoustic study by the Polytechnic University of Valencia-Gandia has revealed that the noise levels in Oliva have increased by 55 per cent since 1995. Noise pollution has become a serious problem in the town as the N-332 that passes through its centre has become busier, with loudness exceeding the recommended levels by more than 18 decibels.
Oliva’s mayor, Ana Morell, has sent the information to the Ministry of Development and also to the Highways Department of the Valencian Community.
In 1995, when the last acoustic study was carried out in Oliva, the number of vehicles passing through the little town was 11,085 in a year. Now that number has escalated to a deafening 17,265. Concerns are not only for the noise pollution but also the impact that heavy traffic inflicts on the infrastructure.
The mayor suggested that the results of the survey should lend weight to a possible solution – to create a bypass to relieve pressure on the town both in terms of noise and wear and tear on the roads.
The neighbouring towns of Alquería, Bellreguard and Palmera have a similar problem to Oliva in that the heavy traffic that thunders through their centres causes undue strain on communities.


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