Creative packaging to streamline prescriptions

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TJ Parker

AMERICAN entrepreneur and pharmacist’s son, TJ Parker, of California (USA) is seeking to better manage prescription medication. Many expatriates rely on prescription medication and vitamins to ensure a healthy and long life; however, the more medication they take, the more difficult it becomes to manage.
Parker has come up with a creative solution. His company, PillPack, offers clients who manage multiple prescriptions a personalised and simplified service: online purchase and home delivery of pre-packaged, pre-sorted medication.
For patients who take multiple prescriptions, this service could literally be a life-saver, helping patients keep track of which pills to take when. Medication – including non-prescription items like vitamins – is sorted into small plastic bags and labelled with the drug information and the date, or even the exact hour, when it should be taken.
Patients can use the online tools to order and refill their prescriptions. PillPack is currently available in 47 US states.
The company is getting lots of good press as well as attracting some serious investors, garnering a fresh infusion of cash totalling $50 million, and could be an example to follow across the globe. Parker, who had thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps and operate a small pharmacy, has now set his sights on rivalling American pharmacy giants.


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