Arrests made in specialist burglar group bust

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A SUSPECTED organised group of specialist burglars has been broken up and seven suspects arrested by the National Police.
Four people were arrested in Malaga, two in Vigo and one in Madrid in an operation which began in February following a bank robbery in Gijon.
After the attack, during which robbers wearing wigs and glasses entered at closing time, threatened staff and a customer with weapons then tied them up and escaped with €92,170, suspects were tracked down in Vigo and found to have contacts in Madrid and Malaga.
Surveillance work led officers in Malaga to arrest the suspects shortly after they targeted a Marbella home, where one masqueraded as a flower deliveryman to gain access to the property before the attackers gagged and tied up the woman owner and escaped with loot worth about €90,000.
Searches on properties in Mijas, Marbella, Madrid, O Porriño and Vigo recovered many stolen items including jewellery, money and mobile phones. Fake weapons, modern technology gadgets used to disarm security systems and fool guard dogs, lock-picking tools, walkie-talkies and disguises were also discovered.
The Spanish group moved all over the country to carry out its crimes, meticulous planning and previous studies on targets enabling them to jump security measures and work undetected.


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