Waste water treatment forces beach to be closed down


SOLLER’S Can Repic beach has been closed to public after an accidental discharge of waste water was detected.
Authorities decided to close the beach on Monday (June 15) to prevent potential infection focal points due to proliferation of bacteria.
The area was crowded with beach-goers who were alerted about the issue.
It is believed that the discharge could have been produced due a fault in the submarine drainage which conducts water from the municipal treatment plant outside of Port de Soller. This water is supposed to have been clean, however, the visible slick in the water and bad smells made witnesses think otherwise.
Members of the Cruz Roja hoisted the red flag, alerting the public to the prohibition of bathing.
Mayor of Soller, Jaume Servera, explained that the leak had been produced by the above mentioned pipe, and that the issue was being taken care of by maintenance workers from the Water Quality Institute (Abaqua).
Several business owners reported that it was not the first time an incident like this had occurred, and that authorities had not yet put forward a definite solution.


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