Pledge to help immigrants

Cordon Press

With the plight of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe – many dying in the process – the Andalucian regional government has pledged to throw its weight behind their welfare.
Government delegate to Andalucia Antonio Sanz made clear this week that the rescue and care of immigrants reaching the Almeria coast was a high priority. He said: “The government supports and recognises organisations and institutions working in the rescue and care of immigrants arriving on the Andalucian coast from Morocco. Their humanitarian work in saving lives is a great example of solidarity.”
The Red Cross and other agencies have saved the lives of hundreds already this year.
Sanz said that in the first five months of the year there has been “a significant increase” in boat traffic. According to the Guardia Civil, there has been a 119 per cent increase in the number of immigrants trying to reach the Almeria coast so far this year, compared to 68 per cent across  the Spanish Costas as a whole.


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