Former duke and duchess sell their mansion

Cordon Press

THE former Duchess and Duke of Palma’s property in Pedralbes (Barcelona), seized back in December by Noos judge Jose Castro, has been sold.
Mr Castro allowed the sale of the property at €6.95 million, with the condition that at least €2.3 million of the revenue was earmarked to cover a part of the civil responsibility bail imposed on them. This bail amount for the pair totals €16.3 million.
News has been released by property agency Coldwell Banker, in charge of finding the buyer.
The home was described as a “luxurious cottage in the most prestigious area of Barcelona, with a wonderful view overlooking the city, four floors, seven rooms, 10 toilets, and 2,200-square-metre garden.”
Iñaki Urdangarin’s lawyers attended the Palma Court today (June10) to inform that the amount would be deposited shortly.


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