Almeria port launches three busy months


THE Operacion Paso del Estrecho (OPE), which began last Monday, did not take Almeria port unawares.
Red Cross and Proteccion Civil volunteers are hand, as well as Guardia Civil, the General Traffic Directorate (DGT) and Policia Nacional, to guarantee safety for the travellers and fluidity of movement.
A million or so will sail between Almeria and North Africa between now and September 15 when the return operation finishes for another year.
The avalanche of immigrant workers returning to their North African homes for the summer holidays will build up steadily in coming weeks, but at present the number of travellers is still manageable, port sources said.
The most sensitive phase of the OPE will be the outward journey as immigrants cross the Strait of Gibraltar, the authorities said. They estimate that the last week of July and the first and the last weeks of August will be the critical periods.
Ramadan this year begins today Thursday, June 18 and ends on July 17. This will delay many departures, explained the central government’s Interior department.


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