Summer swarms of jellyfish expected


THIS summer promises to see an increase in every beach-goer’s least favourite companion – the dreaded jellyfish. The coast has enjoyed relatively mild numbers of this aquatic pest during the last three years; however, this summer´s forecasts predict swarms of jellyfish plaguing swimmers.
Predicting how many jellyfish will appear and where they will end up is not an exact science; however, the first concentrations of the season indicate this will be a high-risk summer. Lack of spring rains is one of the factors responsible for the elevated threat, as accumulated fresh water along the breakwater can act as a natural barrier to the marine invertebrates. Other contributing factors include fewer predators, warmer waters and increased pollution, which provides an additional source of nutrients for the gelatinous creatures.
Prevention is key, and the Aula del Mar has developed an app for wary swimmers that provides daily updates of the jellyfish status for all beaches along the Costa del Sol. If stung by a jellyfish, authorities recommend washing immediately with salt water, disinfecting the area with iodine and applying ice.


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