Second hand market increasingly popular


BALEARIC residents are becoming increasingly thrifty as second-hand item sales have gone up by 60 per cent during the past year.
This increase surpasses by far the one registered in the whole of Spain, which amounted to 30 per cent, according to the information released by second-hand online site Segundamano.
They also indicated that the average price of items sold worked out at €480, although most items sold (61 per cent) had prices below €100. The total revenue obtained with transactions reached €2.6 million just in the last month, 38 per cent more than the same month of 2014.
Most commonly purchased objects in the Islands were furniture pieces (12 per cent of the total), mobile phones (9.5), bikes (6), cars (5.5) and electrical appliances (5).
“This market is being consolidated as a way to get rid of items we no longer need or to find objects for a better price,” said a representative of Segundamano.


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