Jeb Bush announces his campaign for US presidency

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

AFTER a week-long European tour, former Florida governor Jeb Bush officially announced Monday (June 15) his intention to campaign for the US presidency in 2016.
Bush, the son and brother of former US presidents, hopes to add to the family´s political legacy. On his European tour, he visited Germany, Poland and Estonia, setting himself apart as a different kind of Bush by proving to be equally knowledgeable and inquisitive about foreign countries.
He managed to accomplish what many of his Republican predecessors could not: a blunder-free trip abroad, with no embarrassing slip-ups and largely positive praise from the press. Bush started his tour in Germany, speaking at a conference organised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, where he addressed economic issues and took a firm stance against Russian president Vladimir Putin’s aggressive tactics.
In Warsaw, Poland, Bush visited the Warsaw Uprising museum, where he discussed the long-term impacts of German and Soviet occupation and Poland’s role in today´s Europe. In Estonia, Bush was impressed with the technological transformation of the country – where citizens can accomplish many tasks online, in both the private and government sectors – and compared their tech success with the failure of President Obama´s online healthcare system.


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