Tragedy for returning football fans


OFFICIALS of the Gibraltar Football Association say one man has died in a fatal collision which occurred in southern Spain, on Sunday June 14, involving a coach of Gibraltar football fans returning from Faro in Portugal, and a van.
Some of the Gibraltar fans from the bus were treated in hospital for injuries, and it is reported that the occupants of the van suffered serious injuries, from which one has died.
The bus had picked up 43 fans from Faro airport in southern Portugal and was driving back to the Rock when the collision happened early on Sunday. The fans were coming back from supporting the team at a European Championship qualification match in Germany.
Authorities say the van driver, a Moroccan national, died, and eight occupants plus one bus passenger were transferred to a hospital for treatment.
Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said the crash was “tragic news” and he would be writing to the Moroccan Ambassador, sending condolences to the king of Morocco.


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