The green shoe project seeks experts to set up in Vinalopó


TRAINING in environmental practices within the shoe industry is being encouraged in an effort to produce qualified technicians responsible for environmentally friendly regulatory processes. The aim is to produce a ‘Green Shoe’ in the Vinalopó that can be manufactured without damaging the environment.
As a result a consortium from a number of European countries are to participate in the project: ‘A step toward sustainability: how to implement sustainable production of footwear: new occupational profile and training opportunities.’
The difficulties encountered within the project are mostly linked with finding ways to manufacture a ‘green shoe’ economically.
An apprenticeship programme is to be set up capable of addressing the needs of the sector using the principles of the European Training Credit System for Vocational Education and Training.
The initial target market for the green shoe is in sporting performance footwear that is both fashionable and practical that can be marketed at a price that will not stamp out the profit.
The project is scheduled over two years but it is proving difficult to find experts in the field of sustainable manufacturing to join the programme.


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