Disco boss arrested over ‘faked’ robbery


A DISCO manager in Ronda has been arrested for allegedly faking a burglary to claim on his insurance.
The 27-year-old man reported to the police that someone had broken into his rented disco overnight and stolen €10,000 worth of goods including a professional sound system, computers, a television set and 276 bottles of alcoholic drinks.
The disco manager also handed officers security camera recordings showing a man wearing sunglasses and a balaclava.
Yet investigations revealed a number of faults in the man’s story.
Although he told the police the premises were not insured, investigators discovered that he had placed a claim as soon as the report was lodged.
The man also lied to officers about his whereabouts on the night, and some of the items reported stolen were found to be inside the disco while others were found in the boot of the car the man drove.
Officers believe the man’s motive for allegedly faking the burglary was to obtain insurance compensation to put towards €20,000 in rent owed to the disco’s landlord.


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