One in six doctors in the Balearic Islands comes from abroad


UP TO 15 per cent of doctors in the Balearic Islands are foreign residents.
The Official Medical College of the Balearic Islands (Comib) has collegiate members of 75 different nationalities.
The foreign country with a largest representation amongst collegiate doctors in the Islands is reported to be Germany (3.2 per cent of the total), followed by Argentina (two per cent).
Amongst nurses, only two per cent (138 out of 6,645) were born outside Spain, according to the Official Nursing College of the Islands (Coiba).
While traditionally a ‘women’s profession’, the number of male nurses has seen an increase of 1,939 professionals, and now amounts to 29.17 per cent of the total.
Female doctors on the island now represent 44.4 per cent of the total (2,391), and the remaining 2,967 are men.


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