Velez-Malaga Council installs socialist mayor

Psoe Velez-Malaga

PSOE candidate Antonio Moreno Ferrer will be the new mayor of Velez-Malaga, despite the PP conservative party winning most seats in the elections of May 24.
A pact signed on Thursday (June 11), has resulted in a coalition government made up by the Partido Andalucista, the Independent Party of Torre del Mar and left-wing party Izquierda Unida (IU) will allow the socialist to take control of the town hall, after IU announced that they would support the investiture but not participate in the local government.
The three political forces total 12 councillors, and the majority sits at 13. For this reason, the new coalition has invited the only councillor of independent party Ciudadanos to participate in the new local government, and for that, the new mayor has offered him the Infrastructure and Festivities Departments.
With Ciudadanos in the government, the chances of a more stable term in office would be increased. Their only councillor is currently waiting for the approval of the provincial and national committees to consent to the pact.



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