Vega Baja to close beds for summer


THE Vega Baja Hospital is to close beds this summer to reduce staffing costs.
One section will be closed in July, two in August and one in September, with a loss of up to 54 beds.
The Inter-Salut Simap union criticised the measure saying it can lead to a reduction in the quality of care patients receive and hinder the work of health centres, making the users of the region into “second class citizens.”
The union said cutting services decreed by hospital management includes the removal of 28 beds in July, 54 in August and 26 in September “with the dubious excuse of an alleged reduction in the demand.” They added: “Not satisfied with the savings in personnel substitutions involving the closure of beds, the hospital management goes even further and plans to reduce staff nurses and nursing assistants in regular hospital wards that remain open.”
The union argued against claims there is a reduced demand in the summer months.


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