Radical judge Manuela Carmena is new mayor of Madrid


INDEPENDENT party Ahora Madrid and the PSOE socialist party have signed an agreement to invest the leader of the former, Manuela Carmena, as the city’s new mayor.
Ahora Madrid obtained 20 councillors in the municipal elections of May 24, and will now count on the support of nine socialist councillors, led by Antonio Miguel Carmona.
The total number of councillors from both political forces surpasses by one the 28 necessary seats to achieve an absolute majority, and will push aside PP conservative party candidate Esperanza Aguirre, who obtained 21 representatives.
The announcement has been made official today (June 12) in a press release.
Both leaders have stressed that this pact is looking for a “real change” in the council after 26 years under the control of the Partido Popular.
“We are doing a brand new kind of politics, you are going to have to get used to it,” they said.
“We have tried to meet halfway with the programme of measures,” said Ms Carmena. She continued by saying they would try “to create an honest, equal council, a transparent administration, promoting housing as a right and a sustainable city.”


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