New dive rules for children under 16

DIVE RULES: New regulations are coming into force in Murcia Region relating to the under 16’s.

NEW rules for diving are coming into force in the Murcia Region relating to those aged under 16.
The new regulations have come at the request of the dive schools, in a bid to bring the Region in line with neighbouring regions in how the dive centres are run.
For 12 and 13-year-olds parental consent must be given in writing before they can partake in a dive and the maximum immersion depth will be set at 10m. There must also be no more than two youngsters per teacher.
The new rules will include a ban on any air supply, except for natural air, for those aged under the age of 16. They will also be prohibited from cave and grotto diving, decompression stages and shipwrecks.
The new regulations aim to make it easier and safer, for youngsters to get into the sport and try diving.


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