Four-hour drive for a 50 minute swimming class


PARENTS of children in Orihuela Costa have criticised the town hall for offering swimming courses in the hamlet of San Bartolome, some 30 kilometres from the coast.
They have described it as “discrimination” as they feel their children have been deprived of more local courses, saying they have been forgotten about.
The town hall said it would put on a shuttle bus for children wishing to take part in the lessons, leaving at 5.30pm and expected to return at 9.30pm, but parents say this is too long and unrealistic for a swimming class that will last just 50 minutes.


  1. I am an English Swimming teacher in the process of making arrangements to move to the Orihuela Costa, I already own a house there. If anyone knows where I can find a job teaching swimming lessons for babies/children/adults please let me know.


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