The CGPJ exposes worrying eviction data


MORE than 50,000 have been evicted from their homes in Malaga since 2007.
Ten families are evicted from their properties every day in the province for failing to pay their mortgage or monthly rent, according to the statistics published by the General Board of Judicial Power (CGPJ).
Between January and March a total of 885 repossession procedures have been issued in the province of Malaga.
The first three months of the year have been especially dramatic for Malaga citizens and only two other periods have registered worse figures since the crisis began in 2007: the six first months of 2014 which had almost 1,000 evictions each.
A total of 443 evictions between January and March of 2015 were because families were not able to pay their mortgages, while the remaining 403 could not pay their rent.
Since January 2013, more than 7,444 families have lost their homes in Malaga, approximately 18,883 people.


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