Citizens Advice Bureau Spain tries to untangle new laws on wills


AS if dealing with the issue of leaving something behind in your will isn’t hard enough, it would seem that the powers that be, in an effort to make things easier, are in fact muddying the waters.
The good people at the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain have been trying to make inroads into the new regulatory changes from Brussels on succession. It does however seem to be taking a little while to get things clarified with the Spanish notaries.
In an article released on they explain why.
“Even before the EU regulation comes into force at midnight on August 16 2015, we are being notified of problems encountered by many expats who are trying to comply and draft new wills,” they said.
“This due to the complexities to date with so many EU countries with differing laws. Whilst most who have published on this appear to be happy at the news and sure that expat wills would not be executed under Spanish law, we at CAB were asking members to wait until we could clarify our many doubts. Our small team of advisers were not convinced by some of the 84 articles.”
They continue in explaining the whys and wherefores in the full article, which can be read here:


  1. Eight months since the regulations came into force, yet many have realised the importance of drafting a new will if the relevant clause is not already in their present will.

    All those without a correctly drafted will, will find that the Spanish law of succession will prevail.


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