‘Voodoo’ gang arrested in Palma


NATIONAL Police officers have dismantled a criminal gang in Palma de Mallorca who reportedly forced Nigerian women into prostitution by threatening them with voodoo rituals.
Police reported that four victims have been set free thanks to their intervention, while six suspects have been arrested and charged with human trafficking.
Authorities reported that members of the gang took nails and pubic hair from the victims which would be used in voodoo rituals to force women into prostitution, threatening to kill them and their families if they did not comply with their requests.
The women consented to a €50,000 debt and total obedience to the gang members in return for a false job position in Spain.
During a search of a Palma property, the authorities found numerous documents related to the sexual exploitation of the victims as well as items used for the reported voodoo rituals.


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