Council change may save local palace


THE Friends of the Palacio del Almanzora association are hoping for a timely rescue for the decaying building.
The neo-classic palace, built in 1872 on a 16th century site, is on the point of ruin but could be saved by Cantoria’s new PSOE town council.
No mention was made of the palace during last month’s election campaign because local candidates were reluctant to make promises that could be difficult to keep, sources said.
“Without guaranteeing anything, we shall do everything possible to maintain the palace and halt its collapse before restoring it entirely,” the same sources added. Neither the times nor the economic situation are the same as they once were but different bodies including Unesco have already been contacted for assistance.
The Amigos del Palacion del Almanzora, which has called for complete restoration, received the news with caution.
The association is prepared to collaborate with the town hall, but not unconditionally, said member Miguel Angel Alonso: “We need the kind of plan that should have been in place years ago.”
In that case we shall be there for whatever is required but only if this is in the interests of the Palace.”


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