APAC to the rescue


APAC Caballos is well-known for its amazing work taking in unwanted and mistreated horses but this time a blind three week old kitten is getting some love and attention.
Jules Winstanley Jones of the charity said: “We found him next door to the stables. I heard him mewling and when I looked closer I found a tiny little ball of fur, blind and abandoned. I couldn’t let him stay there and perish so I took him in. I am still bottle feeding him until he can feed himself.”
Jules has named him Bobba Fett after the Star Wars character – she already has two other rescue cats named Chewie and Padmé so there is definitely a theme.
APAC Caballos is always looking for volunteers and support so if you can help them make the lives of their horses happier please contact them via www.apac-cv.es – or donations and unwanted items can be dropped into the Salamandra Charity Shop in Javea.


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