Bear attacks man in Cantabria


A 35-YEAR-OLD man was injured on Wednesday afternoon (May 3) after being attacked by what was described as a grizzly bear. The incident happened just outside the Cantabrian town of Villaescusa, Northern Spain.
According to, the Guardia Civil and Ambulance service attended and treated the man for a broken arm and serious lacerations to his arm and face before transporting him to Tres Mares Hospital in Reinosa.
A local government spokesperson said, after being informed of the incident by a local army outpost, that a man had been attacked by what seemed to be a grizzly bear in the town of Villaescusa del Bardal, at the base of the mountain pass.
Guardia Civil officers said that the injured man told them that he came across the bear next to the town’s water tank, where it struck him and fled the scene.
Around 10pm, the man was taken from Tres Mares Hospital in Reinosa, to Hospital Valdecilla, Santander, to undergo surgery. The hospital said: “The man is comfortable, and his wounds are grave but not life threatening.”


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