Moayad Shatat resigns as vice president of Malaga FC


VICE PRESIDENT of Malaga Football Club, Moayad Shatat, has resigned his post, giving way to Nasser Al-Thani, the son of club owner Sheikh Abdullah ben Nasser Al Thani.
The confidant of the Sheikh resigns after three years as general manager of the club, as announced by the Malaga FC board today.
Shatat, although staying in the background, has been instrumental recent period. When the Sheikh decided to stop ploughing money into the team, he moved to the city full time to take control of the debts.
Considering himself a Malagueño now, he has managed to bring the club’s financial problems to a manageable state. He said last month, “Our goal is to keep alive the enthusiasm of the fans.”
The work of Shatat, aided by club executives and CEO Vicente Casado, sees that Malaga FC has managed to considerably improve their income and adjust their budget to seek consolidation of the first team.
“The company has a significant debt as a result of the dramatic costs of the past, but this gap is manageable in the medium term if there are no further further setbacks,” a club spokesman said.


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