Is this the slowest ever snail-mail delivery from Spain to the UK?


A MAN in Wales has received a postcard 29 years after it was sent to his address from Spain.
Dated September 25, 1986, the card bearing two 1980s Spanish stamps and a second-class British stamp has arrived at the home of Gethin Davies in Swansea.
Sent by someone called Phyl, the card is addressed to a Mrs E Leon, yet Mr Davies said he had no idea who she was and neighbours who have lived in the area for years didn’t remember her either.
The baffled recipient said the Post Office had told him they had no idea what had happened to the card, that it might have got stuck in a sorting machine and as it had both Spanish and British stamps on it someone may have found it and sent it on.
Mr Davies said he would like to find either the sender or the intended recipient to pass it on, albeit a little late.


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