Healthy Habits week at Torrecardenas hospital

Fast food: Too little time for cooking

FOUR out of every 10 Almeria children are overweight owing to badly balanced diets and sedentary habits.
Obesity is one of the principal disorders that doctors see each day and is becoming a 20th century epidemic, said the head of Nutrition at Torrecardenas hospital Dr Francisco Moreno Baro.
Changes in lifestyle are the principal culprit he maintained, as there is less time to cook from scratch and to sit down and eat unhurried meals, Dr Moreno added.
Encouraging healthy eating is the best formula not only to prevent obesity but also related ailments including high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and diabetes, he said.
Coinciding with Healthy Habits Week, specialists from the Torrecardenas Nutrition department installed an information point in the hospital vestibule, offering not only advice but also fruit.
This is the seventh annual Healthy Habits Week to be held there and this year the initiative is focusing on diet during pregnancy and the lactation period.


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