Government orders minimum services for air traffic controller strike

Flickr by Jmiguel Rodriguez
Barajas airport, Madrid. credit: shutterstock

THE Public Works and Development Ministry has ordered a minimum service of 70 per cent during strikes called by air traffic controllers in Spain this month.
Enaire controllers will be striking between 10am and noon and 6pm and 8pm on June 8, 10, 12 and 14 to protest over a decision by Enaire company, which is part of Aena airport authorities and controlled by the ministry, to punish 61 controllers from the Barcelona Control Centre for closing air space in 2010 and its refusal to reinstate one of the workers.
At a press conference in Madrid, USCA Air Traffic Controllers’ Union spokespeople said the situation had brought them to a dead end and left them no choice but to call the strikes, with 81 per cent of national assembly attendants voting for them last week.


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