Environmentalists denounce the use of harmful herbicides

CC License: image from http://ahsa.org.es.
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CONSERVATION group ‘Friends of Wetlands South of Alicante’ (AHSA) claims that Elche Council is violating various laws relating to the conservation and treatment of the natural habitat of the area, among which is the law for the sustainable development of rural areas.

According to the environmentalist group, the law affects the use of harmful products ‘that alter the conditions of ecosystems with damage to the values contained therein’ and say that there is a misuse of pesticides. They have filed a report to SEPRONA; the nature protection branch of the Guardia Civil, saying the council is spraying pesticides and herbicides which are settling in the gutters of the CV-861 road, passing through the Natural Park El Hondo and Los Carrizales de Elche. This road is also a cattle track known as ‘Vereda de Dolores’ and it is feared that the chemicals may affect the livestock.

AHSA believes glyphosate is being used in the area which is a powerful herbicide widely used in Spain, but has recently been the subject of controversy due to its inclusion as a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. AHSA is calling on Elche to change the use of herbicides.



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