Drought drying out salt marsh


LAS SALINAS de Calpe is one of the region’s beauty spots.
The salt marsh was first noted back in the mid-13th century and is highly regarded by conservationists as a world-class bird sanctuary enriched with 173 different species of birds and home to several hundred flamingoes.
At present, however, an extended drought period has caused water levels to drop so low that you can see the bottom of the salt marsh.
Local residents, concerned over the water levels being the lowest ever, have complained to the council that the salt bed is showing and the reeds are beginning to wither, making the wonderful Salinas resemble an outsized puddle.
There are two pumps that help keep the water at optimum levels but one of them has failed.
However, the good news is that the council installed a new pump on Tuesday to help top up water reserves and give the local marine life a helping hand.


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