Velez-Malaga court tries suspected drug traffickers

0 by Guardia Civil, Ministerio del Interior

THE Lower Court of Velez-Malaga will try a total of 29 people in connection with the “Melli operation” that dismantled one of the biggest drug trafficking gangs in Malaga Province.
The suspects were arrested three years ago, after allegedly unloading tonnes of drugs on the Hornillo beach in Almayate.
Authorities claim that detainees went as far as constructing a concrete ramp under the sand, to facilitate the unloading works, as well as a warehouse a few metres away from the shore, which they used as their headquarters.
During a search, Guardia Civil officers seized a total of ten tonnes of hashish.
Out of the 29 defendants, 20 are Spanish, eight are Moroccan and a one of them is a French citizen.
The Prosecutor’s office is requesting that three of the alleged leaders be sentenced to six years and three months in prison each as well as a €10 million fine.
The detainees are being charged with crimes including money laundering, membership of a criminal gang, drug trafficking and crimes against public’s health.


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