Senate rejects bid to improve land registry reliability

CORRIDORS OF POWER: Spain’s Upper house voted against amendment.

AS expected, Spain’s senate voted against amending the law that regulates the national land registry.
Homeowners’ associations across Spain, including AUAN in Almeria and SOHA in Malaga, failed to persuade PP senators to vote to protect buyers.
Both associations represent homeowners who have bought properties with an apparently clean bill of health following a land registry search.
Later, as has happened on many occasions, they can find that the property has planning issues or even a demolition order against it that is not mentioned in the registry.

It came as no surprise that the amendment was not accepted since a senate committee vetoed these proposals some weeks back.

It was still disappointing, admitted Maura Hillen of AUAN, who went to the senate last month in a last-ditch attempt to convince majority PP senators to back the amendment.
“Given that all parties seem to agree on the necessity for this change it is difficult to explain why it didn’t happen.


“We may have lost that particular battle but we will submit our next initiative to all political parties next week. We won’t give up, because we have right on our side,” said Hillen who is now an Albox councillor.


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