Air units assist at La Aparecida fire

0 Jesus Valero

TWO air units from Alicante Fire Consortium were called to assist fire crews from Orihuela and Villena after a fire was detected in the mountains of the Orihuela hamlet of La Aparecida.
At the scene, next to the N-340, at the edge of Raiguero de Bonanza and La Aparecida, units of the Local Police, National Police, Guardia Civil and Red Cross ambulances were stationed after an emergency call was placed.
The fire spread quickly due to the dry area of scrub and woodland affecting mostly dead pines killed by the plague of the Tomicus bug sweeping the Vega Baja.
Due to the difficulty in accessing the area, air units were necessary to assist and fire crews spent four hours extinguishing the flames. No one was injured.


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