Recycling made easy in Carboneras


WORK has begun on Carboneras’ first Punto Limpio (Clean Point) recycling centre.
This will be an authorised tip for disposing of household appliances and other items that cannot be left at conventional recycling points.
Work has now begun at the Rellana de Torvisco site and should be finished within four months. The centre, which covers a 4,165-square-metre site, is designed to handle a wide variety of waste including old furniture, domestic appliances, computers, batteries, scrap metal, tree prunings, rubble and used oil.
The plant will produce its own electricity via six 300-watt solar panels but will also have a generator for backup when necessary. There will be two employees on hand to supervise delivery of the objects and appliances arriving at the centre and later inspect them to assess whether they should be recycled or eliminated.


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