Health and Safety gets the wind up

GUSTS: Strong winds expected

OBLIGING postmen to make deliveries during Almeria Province’s periodical gales compromises their safety, work inspectors decided. They were responding to a formal complaint that was lodged by the USO union following violent storms at the end of January.
When a union member refused to deliver mail on his motor scooter during high winds with gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour his employers, Correos, began disciplinary proceedings against him.
The union took the case to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Inspection department which has now sided with the employee.
Recommendations from Proteccion Civil and the Guardia Civil regarding adverse traffic conditions and weather alerts from the AEMET meteorological office should be taken into consideration, the inspectors said. These not only involve high or low temperatures but also high winds and line managers should pass on recommendations to employees, the Inspection department ruled.
The USO union expressed satisfaction at the decision, pronouncing it another victory in the fight to improve postmen’s working conditions.


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