Suspected robber caught after chase in Velez-Malaga


A 27-YEAR-OLD man from Baena (Cordoba) has been arrested in Velez-Malaga for allegedly stealing from a local jewellery shop.
Head of the Velez-Malaga Local Police and Mayor of the town, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, reported that the man allegedly stole a gold chain priced at €2,145, fled the scene and was chased by the owner.
A Guardia Civil police officer in plain clothes who was patrolling the area witnessed the event and began chasing the alleged robber.
Neighbours alerted Local Police who joined the chase and were able to catch the suspect in the area of the Pozancon car park.
Authorities were able to retrieve the chain and return it to its owner. The man was taken into custody at the National Police station.


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