Balearic residents talk money


EIGHTY per cent of families in the Balearic Islands say they have stopped celebrating big ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and first communions due to high costs.
The average expenditure of Balearic residents on these kinds of celebrations amounts to €900, according to online site DaWanda, in a report conducted through interviews.
Ninety per cent of interviewees considered that the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) trend has become popular in Spain to personalise these events at a low price but without giving up quality.
“The DIY trend has now become a philosophy of life, an experience in which the organiser enjoys the whole process from researching the idea to the creation of the project,” said manager of DaWanda in Spain, Sonia Molina.
Balearic residents spend between €100 to €300 when they attend a celebration as guests. Amongst the excuses used to avoid a social event, 40 per cent say that they have to work, 18 per cent claim to go on a trip and only 20 per cent admit that it has to do with money problems.


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