Heliport making life a living hell, say residents of El Cami

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THE Son Espases hospital heliport is driving its neighbours to distraction, with nearby residents claiming they are experiencing high levels of noise and bad smells on a daily basis.
Residents of El Cami are currently collecting information to be able to issue an official report against the heliport management.
They claim that during a plenary session of the regional government, the head of the Health Department admitted that there is no authorisation for the heliport. In addition, the facilities were built dangerously close to homes, and a new school has been constructed right next to it, which would cancel its permit, according to the neighbours’ point of view.
They said they were aware of the necessary medical services provided by the Son Espases heliport, but also defended their right to rest and insisted on the need to ensure it complies with legal requirements.


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