Podemos and friends could take control of eight city councils

ahora madrid flickr

THE results of the municipal elections held last Sunday (May 24) might allow Podemos-related parties to govern several Spanish councils.
Almost eight province capitals could see these newly-born independent brands lead their governments.
However, pacts are still waiting to be drawn up and Podemos parties need the support of other forces (mainly the PSOE socialist party) to take over the town halls.
To the surprise of conservative parties, Manuela Carmena, Ahora Madrid (made up by independent parties Podemos, Ganemos and Equo) candidate for mayor in Madrid obtained 31.85 per cent of the votes and became the second political force.
With the support of PSOE, Ms Carmena would reach a majority of seats that would allow her investiture.
The second most important city in Spain could also be governed by another woman supported by Podemos. Ada Colau, an anti-eviction activist, obtained 25.21 per cent in Barcelona, and all evidence indicates that she will be the new mayor of the Catalan capital.
Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Cadiz, Alicante and Oviedo are the other cities that could potentially see Podemos and its related parties take control of the town hall.



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