Two-year sentence for facebook ETA fan

Kiran Foster Flickr

A 21-YEAR-OLD man from Valencia has been sentenced to two years for glorifying terrorism after writing a Facebook post about Basque separatists ETA.
The young man, named as Vicente MI, posted a message on the social networking site Facebook on January 17, 2014, under the name of ‘Vicent Sidorenko,’ saying: “Long live ETA. Freedom for political prisoners, Miguel Ángel Blanco better off dead.”
Miguel Ángel Blanco was murdered by the Basque terrorist group in 1997.
A Popular Party politician, Blanco was kidnapped on July 10 1997 by ETA, who threatened to assassinate him if all ETA prisoners were not transferred to prisons in the Basque Country within 48 hours.
Less than an hour after the deadline expired, he was shot in the back of the head and dumped on the outskirts of San Sebastian, where he was later found. He died in hospital the next day.
Vicente MI pled guilty to charges and said that he had written the message in a moment of “hot-headed anger.”


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