Illegal drivers in Spain

Jose Maria Perez Nunoz Flickr

ABOUT 25,000 people get behind the wheel in Spain without a driving licence, the head of Traffic Authorities in Spain has said.
Asked about the case of Real Madrid footballer Benzema, who was charged for not providing a driving licence at a police check-point in Madrid, Maria Segui, general director of Trafico, stated that she thought it was terrible that people drive without permission, whether they happen to be famous footballers or the equivalent of Joe Blogs.
“Whether their name is Benzema or whatever, in Spain there are about 25,000 people who drive without permission, either because they have never passed their test or because they’ve lost their licence,” Segui said, stressing that this is a serious problem for road safety.
When asked if road safety should be an obligatory subject at schools, Segui said that the important thing was that it was taught somehow. Although the traffic authority tried to reach all the schools in the country, Segui said, not all of them want to be a part of the educational projects carried out.


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