Dark words over Garrucha fair

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Garrucha Town Hall did not request permission to install a fair at the port last year, insists the Junta de Andalucia regional government.
Holding the fair during last year’s fiestas cost the town hall a €30,000 fine, claimed Garrucha mayor, Juan Francisco Fernandez. He also circulated a document on social media dated June 24 last year to prove that the necessary permit had been applied for.
Despite Fernandez’s insistence, Jose Manuel Ortiz, the regional government’s delegate for the Environment, rejected his claims.
He was surprised by the mayor’s allegation that he had not been able to discuss the matter with the Junta’s representative delegate. “I was in Garrucha visiting the new subterranean port access for lorries the day before he made this statement,” Ortiz stated.
“No application was made last year and none has been received this year,” he added.
“The fair can be installed but the formalities have to be completed first. We are open to finding a solution, but it’s not possible to work this way.”


  1. I have been in the área for many years and this fair´/fiesta has always been part of the Garruchas heratige. Why would they need a licence?


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